About G&B Maternity®

A family owned company

” Not all heroes wear capes ” 

When we founded G&B Maternity®, we did it to satisfy our craving for entrepreneurship and craftsmanship, but right now we have a whole new commendable commitment. G&B Maternity® has innovated the traditional nursing pillows while promoting breastfeeding in public to break down psychological barriers or discomfort about this natural behaviour.

Due to the high demand for our nursing muffs, we quickly realized the great potential of this revolutionary pillow, and we want to simplify the breastfeeding on the go everywhere in the world while reaching a high-quality level to any new products. We do focus on the practical, elegant and long term aspects of our products to provide new generations of parents something that matches their needs. The quality standards required for children’s products must be extremely high, equally strong as the love we have for them.

As a matter of fact, our products are meticulously handcrafted in Canada. My mother and I want to rethink maternity accessories based on your values; we are more than a brand we are a movement. Undoubtedly, G&B Maternity® is working to build a strong trust bond with their customers in an authentic manner. What matters to us the most is offering you a great, warm and accessible service!

In conclusion, we proudly and joyfully invite you to take a look at our various collections! Join us on social media for an optimal experience!

Our values