It’s Not Selfish to Take Care of You

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Mom daily schedule struggle :

Why Moms Need to Cut Out the Superhero Routine and Take a Time Out

Monday rolls around and my alarm bleeps at me at 6:30am sharp. I get my eldest ready for school and feed both kids breakfast. I make lunch for my daughter to take to school, meanwhile I pull double duty cooking eggs and sausage on the stove for my husband. Then I shout and beg and plead until everyone gets in our only car and I whisk my husband off to work and my oldest daughter to school. Mom daily schedule 

Season 1, Episode 2 

Then my youngest and I are left to run errands together, clean up the house and try to meet for play dates. When lunch rolls around, I struggle to find something that she’ll eat since being two years old, she likes things one day and dislikes them the next. Then comes the nap time fight. Somehow, I manage to write everything I need to in a day.

Mom daily schedule

We pick up my eldest from school and then in just seconds, they will both destroy all my cleaning efforts absolutely effortlessly. Again we clean and again, we head to my husband’s office, this time to pick him up. Once we get home, I run to the gym and it is the most blissful 45 minutes of my entire day. Why? Mom daily schedule

Because it is my only time away from my children.

Tome 2: The revelation 

I spend all day doing everything for everyone else. It doesn’t make me feel good. Neither does cooking dinner, cleaning it up and tackling the entire bedtime routine by myself because my husband would rather morph into the couch and stare at his iPhone until he goes to bed.

I know why I don’t feel good about this. Because Monday through Friday, it’s the same routine every day that sucks my soul dry. I’m all poured out because I’m doing too much for everyone else. I’m too busy filling up their cups of joy to bother with filling up mine.

And you know what? That’s the worst thing I can do. Because if I have no joy in my heart, I have nothing to pour into their cups to make them feel joy either. Of all the hours of the day, I never take the time for myself, and that’s just not good enough.


Final Chapter: The rebellion 

So I decided to turn things around. Despite my husband’s protests, I grabbed my Valentino and sashayed out the door to meet my girl friends for brunch. All of us left our duties, kids, husbands and responsibilities behind and met for endless mimosas and eggs Benedict. For one glorious morning, I was able to eat a meal and enjoy it without getting up constantly to serve everyone else or clean up spills or handle someone’s meltdown. It was just what I needed. Mom daily schedule 

And so now I vow to do things like this more often, and you need to do them too. It doesn’t always need to be brunch but we’ve totally got to ditch the cape from our superhero getup and run out the door for mani/pedis, a coffee, a walk, getting our hair done, buying something we really want even if it’s just a new tube of lipstick.

Go ahead. Be selfish. Because your happiness depends on it, and if you’re not happy, your children won’t be either.

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